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South Haven, MICHIGAN

It all starts at the local level. Discover why City bureaucracy moves so slow and can be as divisive as national politics. This podcast will discuss the issues and processes that City Hall has to go through to make and implement public policy.

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The Decline of society

Everyday it’s seems there is a story of some kind that shows the decline in morals. Is this because of the decline in religion?. What role does the church play in this? On this podcast we will explore the state of religion and discuss and dissect the greatest chapters in the bible.

Hidden Truths

Why is it that most conspiracy theories turn out to be factual? Why do politicians cry conspiracy every time they are called out on their behavior? Calling a story a conspiracy is how they build plausible deniability and to turn the gaze of scrutiny away from them. We will discuss these hidden truths.

The Constitution

Everyday there are people trying to dismantle the framework of the greatest nation in the world. Our Constitution is under attack and needs your help. Join us a we dissect and learn to comprehend the mean of the 2nd most important document ever written.

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Politics out of control

Never has national politics been so divisive. Lies and deception are claimed by both sides of the isle. Who’s right…who’s wrong? With all this building hatred what will the outcome be? There are so many questions to be explored on this podcast. We will dig deeper into the great divide.

a Higher Level of thougHt

Find out why some people claim to be loving and are some of the meanest and vile when you don’t agree with them. This podcast will discuss mental illness, cowardess, insecurity, narcissism and more.

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